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Certus Advantage

These days, your car can tell you that your tire pressure is low. So why are retailers still being forced to use air and vacuum machines that can’t even count quarters and, much of the time, are out of order?

For too long, the air vending industry has used antiquated technology and settled for poor service. As all other technology continued to advance, air vending technology stagnated, leaving your customers frustrated and your profits lacking.

Those days are over. Certus is bringing innovation—and satisfaction—back.

Why you should choose the best.

Customers won’t remember the brand of the air vending machine you choose. They remember your brand. They remember whether they can depend on you. With your brand on the line, why not choose the best?

Certus Technology

The vast majority of air and vacuum vending equipment is basic coin-operated machines. Retailers never know how much the machines are being used or if the machines are working properly.

Certus’s smart technology delivers guaranteed increases in revenue, commissions, and cash flow by providing real-time tracking of machine use as well as detailed monthly reports.

Our technology also enables remote monitoring of machine performance, which identifies and reports any issues immediately.

Maintaining conventional operational air and vacuum vending machines in cold weather is a challenging, if not impossible, task for retailers.

Certus machines work when others fail—even in extreme weather. It’s that simple. Our exclusive membrane dryer removes moisture, allowing machines to operate in temperatures as low as negative 40 degrees.

Conventional air and vacuum vending machines are made from cheap materials that rust and corrode, limiting the performance of the machine and making a poor impression on customers. Who wants to trust their quarters to a rusty machine, especially when the safety of your vehicle and family is on the line?

Certus technology is made from grade 304 stainless steel –“food grade stainless”—and braided steel air hose, which delivers two crucial benefits: customers can see and trust that technology is in top condition and retailers benefit from minimal maintenance.

For decades, the air and vacuum vending industry has made few, if any, advances in technology, leaving retailers to struggle with machines that often cannot even deliver basic, consistent service.

Certus is always advancing its technology and pushing the industry to deliver better results for retailers. Nitrogen is our latest innovation. Oxygen combines with everything, causing corrosion, rubber degradation, and rust. Our system replaces oxygen with nitrogen, filling tires with an inert gas that doesn’t combine with other elements. That means your customers will come to you, knowing that you use the most advanced equipment that increases their safety and protects their investments.

How many people even have quarters in their cars anymore?

In this day of electronic shopping and debit cards, cash—and particularly loose change—is becoming less common. Customers will come to know and rely on retailers who offer credit card air and vacuum vending, and that’s why our technology makes that a reality.

Certus Service

If the machines aren’t working, customers will remember. They will learn to drive right by and stop at the store where the equipment is reliable. It’s that simple. And there’s no reason to settle for that.

Not only does Certus’s smart technology help monitor machine performance and catch any issues immediately, but also, we have a 50 percent better machine-to-technician ratio than the competition. If your machines need attention, we make sure that attention arrives. Quickly.

Our nationwide network of technicians puts accountability back on top. When you choose Certus, your partners aren’t located in a big building a thousand miles away. They work in your local market, and they are invested in your performance and results.