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Air vending machines might not seem that important…until you really need one. When outdated, malfunctioning technology forces your customers to keep driving to the next service station, you lose more than air vending sales. You lose their faith.

To maintain your reputation for excellence, all of the equipment you provide to your customers should be the best. That’s what we deliver.

“The Certus equipment has been a great improvement over the equipment we previously had in our stores. In addition, the Certus equipment has greatly enhanced our location’s appearance aesthetically. The remote monitoring system has allowed for an actual audit on the revenue, and allowed for quicker response time on repairs.
With our prior vendor, we received around $2,500 per quarter as commissions being paid on our machines. The first quarterly check from Certus was $5,400, an increase of well over 100%.
We are pleased with Certus, and I would recommend them for any air and air/vac needs that you may have for your business.”

John J. Orow
Quik Check

At Certus, there is no status quo. We engineer, design, manufacture, operate, distribute, and service our own technology. We control the entire process so that we know our tire inflation and vacuum machines are consistently the industry’s best, and we stay the best by continually raising the bar, offering better performance and more advanced technology, including:

  • Accountability. Unlike conventional machines that do little more than collect quarters and blow air, our machines are smart and connected. Our technology allows digital monitoring that ensures machine reliability (working machines tend to make more money) and allows you to track revenue generation.
  • Dependability. Food-grade stainless steel housing and hose prevents rusting and ensures reliable performance. We use membrane dryer technology that allows our machines to work even in sub-zero temperatures and our nitrogen-only technology protects your customer’s cars against rusting and corrosion.
  • Service. Advanced reporting system creates downtime reports immediately, so your machine gets the attention it needs without the wait or additional work for you. We also employ 50 percent more service technicians so that if a problem occurs, it can be fixed quickly.
  • Convenience. Who has quarters anymore? Make it easier for your customers to use your technology, and they will remember. Our near field connection technology enables customers to pay with credit cards, smart phones, ApplePay, GoogleWallet, etc.

“The installation was done in a timely, smooth and efficient fashion. The new Certus equipment that was installed is far superior than the existing equipment. The remote monitoring system has significantly reduced downtime. Our income has doubled and even tripled in some locations, and we receive the audited financial reports every quarter.
We are very pleased with Certus, and would highly recommend them.”

Wendy Woods
Director of Marketing

Certus Manufacturing equipment requires no equipment cost and no capital investment, and we deliver a robust revenue share model and reliable technology that will enhance your brand and overall profitability.

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