Who We Are

Certus is more than a name

We are the most reliable, trusted, honest service provider and partner in the air vending industry, and with more than 40 years of experience we have the numbers to prove it.

Where It All Started

In 1981, Dave Bobert created the first coin-operated tire inflator launching his first air vending business. The subsequent industry quickly became competitive, but he continued to lead in innovation and service. In 2010, Bobert started Air Resource Vending, Inc. (ARV), and in 2015 he sold the ARV business to Certus MFG, taking the air vending industry to a new level of innovation and service. Certus has a rich history in the tire inflation and air vac service industry. At Certus, we strive to build supportive partnerships with our clients through excellent customer service, teamwork, and respect. We engineer, manufacture, and distribute our own products ensuring that our partners always have the most innovative tire inflation and air vac technology. We are passionate about providing reliable solutions, because we know our client’s reputation relies on the dependability of our products. We are always advancing our technology and pushing the industry to deliver better results for our partners and a dependable experience for their customers. As the leader in the industry, Certus is committed to continuously raising the bar.

Our Technology. Your Reputation

We know customers won’t remember the brand of air vending machine they use. But they will remember you for providing a reliable convenient service. That is why we only use the most up to date technology, making sure that your machines are always up and ready when your customer need them.

Easy Payment

Few people carry cash today, much less loose change. Certus machines allow customers to pay with credit cards and smart pay options (ApplePay, GoogleWallet, etc.) they can even use their loyalty rewards, so they can rely on your location and you benefit from increased revenue, real-time tracking, and detailed reports. 

No card, no problem cash customers can pay inside with Certus CAAS technology.

Top-grade Materials

Certus machines are made with “food grade” 304 stainless steel and braided steel air hoses to give your customers quality they can immediately see and feel. And our exclusive membrane dryer removes moisture, allowing machines to operate in temperatures as low as -40 degrees.

Certus is also the industry-leader in innovation and we use a modular design on all our machines so we can easily facilitate any needed service and implement upgrades.

Dependability Your Customers Deserve

If the machines aren’t working, customers will find a different store. It’s that simple. With Certus machines, you give them something they can depend on.